The Creatives

Name: Freeze

Music got me here, art kept me here. Vocals for COLDCASKET Bass for UPON A BURNING BODY

Name: Abstrakt

Abstract Athlete & Athletic Performance coach. If I see it than I can do it. You can too, Apply your mind.

Name: KXNG Simba

Multitalented Graphic Design Artist stumbling from the heart of Atlanta specializing in digital media and print design. I don't deliver products, I breathe life into raw concept.

Name: Mongrel

Aliases: Angel, Celly, Mars, Warlord
Professional MMA Fighter/Creative Director
Both parents being in the Army; travel was the norm. Born in Hawaii and moving every three years, established a strong sense of cultural appreciation; sparking a strong love for arts and customs from each region he resided in. High expectations from himself/family and his criminal history morphed him into the man he is today: The perfect balance of bad boy and creative intelligence.

Name: Ems

Tattoo Artist/ Designer
Although I've moved around a ton, my heart remains in Texas where I was born and raised. San Antonio will forever be my home no matter how far I may travel. One thing I realized is that helping my friends, family and those around me chase their dreams, as well as my own, has made me the bad ass witch I am today.